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Mikel and Sarah’s Milton Wedding at Teatro Conference and Event Centre


Winter weddings pose a unique challenge, because even more than in the summer, the weather can often be unpredictable. You never know if you’ll get a blizzard, a -20ºC (that’s -4ºF) chill, or a perfectly comfortable winter day. Luckily, Mikel and Sarah’s Milton, Ontario wedding went off without a hitch – well, they did get hitched…

We first met Mikel and Sarah at a Halloween party in Burlington, and when they asked us to shoot their wedding shortly afterward, we knew that we would have a great time doing it. When they told us that they were having their photos taken at a dairy farm, we could hardly contain our excitement. So, we were already looking forward to their wedding day with great anticipation.

Now, we’re excited to share these photos with you!

Congrats Sarah and Mikel!

001 Wedding Rings White Gold Diamond band002 Toronto Wedding Photographers Karmel Kreative003 GTA Wedding photographer Toronto004 Groom getting ready Toronto photographer005 Groomsmen Toronto Wedding Milton006 Handwritten Note Groom Wedding007 Groomsmen before wedding Milton008 Groom looking dapper before wedding in Milton009 Groom posing handsom010 Bride getting ready Milton wedding

011-bride-smiling-before-wedding-in-Milton012 GTA wedding photographers Karmel Kreative013 Toronto wedding bride walking down aisle014 Bridge and groom exchanging vows015 Bride and groom first kiss016 Barn wedding photography with family017 Bridal Party GTA barn wedding018 GTA wedding photographers Karmel Kreative barn wedding019 Mud boots barn wedding Milton020 Groom posing with hay GTA wedding021 Groom posing GTA wedding photography022 Bridal Party with bride and groom023 Bridesmaids with groom Toronto Wedding024 Bridesmaids with Groom025 Bride and bridesmaids Milton wedding026 Bridal party posing027 Bride and groom smiling028 Bride and groom exchanging a kiss029 Beatufiul bride and handsom groom030 Toronto Wedding photographers Karmel Kreative031 Rural wedding park photos032 Bride and groom rural wedding photography033 Bride and Groom kissing barn wedding034 Outside barn with details wedding photography035 Snowy wedding photography in winter036 Bride and groom winter wedding in snow037 Bride and groom kissing